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Effective VIP protection is based on  preparations and planning, timely information, liaison with local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals. Good protective work is seldom seen but always present, and has done its homework on venue risk, transportation routes, itinerary integrity, and is not easily flustered due to changes.

We also take into account the style and specific needs of the person we’re protecting.  STB has provided protection for CEOs, recognizable entertainers, athletes and high-net-worth individuals. Because our services are designed to serve executives, dignitaries & public figures, please be confident in knowing that our track record dictates our understanding of the importance of keeping disclosed information confidential. We operate internally on  signed non-disclosure agreements and we are willing to sign our clients’ non-disclosure agreements.

STB offers the option of unarmed and armed certified protection that  meet the highest levels of security standards, so you can be confident knowing you are hiring only the most qualified security professionals.

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